Joy Gems

found in the Bible
to Cheer our Hearts & Guide Us

Devotional Studies
Ruth Marlene Friesen

Joy Gems

a gem to represent the Joy Gems in the Bible

Joy When Your Sacrifice is Burned Up
Your Joy Will Be Complete
Serve Gladly in Prosperity, or else
Rejoicing in Our King
Going Home Joyful and Glad
Proving Faith with Joy
Planning Your Worshipful Singing
Never Mind What Others Think
Strength and Joy Where God Dwells
When the Trees Sing for Joy
Fan Your Desire to Give Gladly
Watch to See the Deliverance of the Lord
Create a Festival of Joy
Joy Mixed with Tears
Joy and Grief Mingled Over Plan B
When Enemies Become Helpers
The Joy of the Lord Makes Us Strong
How Loud is Our Rejoicing?
How to Celebrate Special Events
My Faith in God is My Consolation
Bubbling Up with Laughter and Shouts of Joy
I've Seen God's Face and Shout for Joy
Please Ransom ME!
When Angels Shouted for Joy
A Greater Joy than that of Successful Farmers
Let them Ever Sing for Joy
No Separation Anxiety - Ever!
Joy, a Fringe Benefit of God's Word
A Blessing Pattern
Joy in Victories and Answered Prayers
Shouting for Sheer Joy
When our Heart Skips and Jumps for Joy
Rejoicing in the Weepy Times Because . . .
Causing My Witnesses Joy and Gladness
What to Use for a Harp?
Singing As We Go
Joys in a Wedding Song
Shout for Joy at our Awesome King
Joy Over Jerusalem
Songs of Joy in Sunrises and Sunsets

Author's Note:

Author's Note: I was my parents' live-in caregiver the last years of their lives, until they both died. In the last months of my mother's life, she was growing weaker and needed more and more of my time and attention. Sometimes there was a lot of stress, and I sought the Lord for some perspective and strength. I knew that "the joy of the Lord is our strength" as we read in Nehemiah, so I began a Bible study in my personal devotional time. Using a Bible concordance I hunted for the verses in the Bible with 'joy' in them, and then studied them for lessons that I could apply personally in my life.

An amazing and wonderful thing happened. I began to see many little things for which to praise God and delight in His tender watch-care over both my mother and myself. My spirit lifted up and began to soar!

Furthermore, that under-current of joy is still with me some 14 years later. So I can assure you that you will only benefit and not lose by studying and applying these joy principles.

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