Revival Time Ministry is owned by an independent Board of Trustees

R.T.M Board of Trustees

This is a team of nine elders drawn from various church denominations in Uganda. It is an independent body that owns and regulates the operations of Revival Time Ministry.

The founder Body of R.T.M prayerfully took not less than five years to come up with team of people who meet most of the qualities below: -

    1. Reputable with proven integrity, maturity and experience.

    2. Outstanding proven rack record of success sin Ministry or Business.

    3. Well regarded and respected in the communities around and

    4. Who most probably may not be tempted to have personal vested interests as beneficiaries themselves.

The Board of Trustees was appointed once by the Founder members and all powers were transferred to them.

The Board of Trustees, propose the renewing of membership after every four years. The founder members, pastor Isaac Peter Oyako and Edward Etonu Okiror are permanent members of the Board who may serve in the Executive if they so wish.

The Role of the Board

The Board of Trustees constitutionally is the over-all overseer of all functions and watchdog over public funds.

To be able to meet the above tasks, the Board is obligated to sit at least three times in a year to: -

1. To discuss, advice and approve the annual work plans.

2. To discuss, analyze budgets and activity reports
3. To formulate policies that enhances the smooth co-ordination of activity within the organization

4. To supervise the utilization of funds and be a custodians of major organization's assets.

5. To advice the Executive on matters of policy.

6. To act as the Disciplinary body dealing with organizational disciplinary matters.

7. To determine the quantity of the benefit given to the staff and approve training incentive for the staff.

Board for trustees exemptions:

he Board of Trustees are therefore constitutionally exempted from:
     a) Direct participation in the day to day running of the organization.
     b) Seeking or lobbying for personal benefits from the organization other than sitting allowances, lunch and transport refunds during Board sittings
.      c) Forming clicks with members of staff or members of the executive or indulge in behavior that is likely to affect the attitude of staff against one member.

R.T.M Policies

a). Financial Policies

   i) All funding coming to R.T.M from outside Uganda must be receives through international recipient bank accounts in Standard Chattered Bank in Jinja or the money be transferred to R.T.M bank account in Soroti Centenary Rural Development Bank. The bank account in Jinja is known as "The Gospel Support Fund (TGS- FUND)"

   ii) All withdraws for all accounts must be endorsed by at least two signatories and must be effected by the Accountant as approved by the Executive Supervisor and one other relevant official.

   iii) Acceptable receipts must accomplish all accountabilities.

   iv) R.T.M will not succumb to individual financial pressure i.e. R.T.M may in such situations advance money to a staff member who is in the pay role and whose accounts are not depleted. Advance payment will require decisions of the Executive Committee.

   v) Although R.T.M appreciated the weakness of volunteer services and the direct impact it bears in the organization, at the moment we can not fix regular salary scales simply because the resources are unreliable. It is immediate agenda to revisit volunteer service should resources permit. Meanwhile staff members are encouraged to seek personal support.

   vi) R.TM will at the moment take care of basic needs of the volunteer staff i.e. food and shelter. Project staffs who receive salary are exempted from this benefit.

   vii) R.T.M may meet the basic need of volunteer staff member who has not yet found external support from pool or undersigned money. Such need must be crucial and urgent such as school fees of a child, sickness etc. That will need the approval of the Board of Trustees.

   viii) Any staff member receiving personal financial support through any of R.T.M’s bank accounts must provide sufficient evidence that the money was for personal use. Photocopies of the letters must remain in the office of accountant for audit purpose. Failure to furnish such evidence will automatically lead to the funds being declared as pool funds (undesignated) to meet the basic need of the base.

Executive Committee

Revival Time Ministry is run on day-to-day business by an Executive Committee. The CEO (Executive Supervisor) is the chairman. Other in this committee are the Organizations Secretary, Accountant and Heads of Departments.

1. Rev. Isaac Peter Oyako - Chairperson
2. Christine Oyako Adongot - Vice Chairperson
3. Ms. Loy Akello - Administrator
4. Ms. Rose Nakilima - Member
5. Rev. Silas Ogwadulai - Treasurer
6. Mr.Shadrac Ogwang - Member
7. Rev. Okwii Francis - Secretary
8. Rev.Ejemu Ignatius - Member
9. Ms Taiba Nangobi - Member

Personnel Policies

i) To ascertain that God has called him or her, and his or her time with R.T.M is still valid.

ii) The commitment is to fulfill God's given mission and thus eternal benefits. Material benefits are important but secondary.

iii) Personal integrity and biblical moral is an obligation to all staff.

iv) Family life takes pre-eminence over ministry service.

v) Spiritually drilling and regular devotions is back borne of staff growth and productivity.

vi) Healthy interpersonal relationships is a means to achieve co-operate goal. Dialogue is encouraged while suppressed bitterness is discouraged.

vii) Visitors including staff relatives are well come to pay short visit. Prior information to the base administration is necessary. R.T.M reserves all the right to demand for alt he details of any visitor for the sake of community protection.

All staff is expected to participate on extra curricular activities such as staff retreats and staff recreations. These are designed to keep them closer.

All staff is expected to participate on extra curricular activities such as staff retreats and staff recreations. These are designed to keep them closer.

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