About Revival Time Ministry

Revival Time Ministry is an indigenous and an inter-denominational Christian Non-Government Organization. It was founded by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako in 1993. The foundational scripture for Revival Time Ministry is,"Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, oh hold them back." (Proverbs 24:11 NASB)

We are involved in the Great Commission (evangelism and Discipleship) as well as capacity building and social development interventions. We are located in Soroti town in North Eastern Uganda-East Africa. We operate throughout North and Eastern Uganda.

General Achievements: (1993-2008):

No Specific Achievement Location Impact
1 Discipleship & Training
(From 1993 to 2005)
Throughout North and Eastern Uganda 208 church leaders received basic bible training give during 19 weeks of residential training in Soroti.
2 Evangelism
(From 1993-2005)
Throughout North and Eastern Uganda A total of 5,280 people received Jesus personally during the 12 years of active evangelism. 27 churches were planted.
3 Church and youth Seminars and conferences
From 2006-2008
Throughout Uganda Several teaching seminars were conducted in 10 big secondary schools and rural churches to support the illiterate church leaders
3 Formal education support (Bugoi School)
(From 1994-1999)
Bugoi village, in Kaberamaido District. A modern school has planted in one of the remotest village by the shores of Lake Victoria
4 Formal Education
(Girl-child education support)
In North and East Uganda 12 girls; mainly orphaned teenagers are supported to receive secondary school education.
5 Informal Education Support (functional Adult literacy for women. From 1996-2008 In Wera and Abarilela Sub counties in Amuria District Over 400 women have graduated literate
6 Relief Aid (2003-2005) Obalanga Internally Displaced Persons camp in Amuria District. A total of 22,614 people received mosquito nets, blankets, utensils, food and clothing.
7 Resettlement of internally Displaced people in camps(2005). In Obalanga internally Displaced peoples camp. A total of 3000 households benefited from farm implements, and quick yielding crop seeds under the US $ 50,000 grant (one off) GLOBAL REFUGE INTENATIONAL (USA)

Church leaders receiving training

Church leaders training seminar 2008 by pastor Isaac Peter Oyako

a church leaders' training seminar in Good Will

A church leaders training in God's Will church,
Mbiko Jinja in 2008 by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!