Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
and Answers (A)

FAQ 1: Who is Revival Time Ministry?

A 1: Revival Time Ministry is an indigenous, non-congregational and interdenominational Christian Non Government organization. Revival Time ministry is fully registered as a non-government organization in Uganda.

FAQ 2: Does Revival Time Ministry have an international Affiliation?

A 2: No, we are sovereign and fully autonomous .We may have partnerships with specific interest (individuals, churches or organizations).

FAQ 3: Does Revival Time Ministry accept foreigners (non-Uganda citizens) to serve in their staff?

A 3: Yes, and very much so. We welcome both short and long term staff on conditions that they can raise their own support in their countries and subscribe to our values and moral antiquate prescribed. People on research, medical, and building teams are welcome. Evangelistic and holiday makers are welcome to acquaint themselves with Ugandan environment.

FAQ 4: Where does Revival Time Ministry get funding for the projects and operations?

A 4: Revival Time Ministry operates on the principles of Faith; depending entirely on God for provision. Since 1993, we have received support from various sources (churches, individuals and other foreign NGOs) i.e. Tear Australia, Fear fund Netherlands, TDT-UK, Mustard Seed Foundation USA, Global Refuge International etc. We have benefited from churches and individuals alike. We are flexible and often tuned to perceive what intervention God want us to be involved in. Whenever we take a step to obey, God brings a suitable partner to support it financially.

FAQ 5: Who owns Revival Time Ministry?

A 5; Revival Time Ministry is own by an independent Board of Trustees. It is managed day to day by an Executive Committee which is accountable to the Board of Trustees.

FAQ 6: How are funds managed in Revival Time Ministry?

A 6 Funds are received in one of the two organization's bank accounts. There are three signatories for each bank account, one of which is a qualified accountant who is the financial controller. Books of accounts are well kept and every coin well documented for regular audits.

FAQ 7: Has Revival Time Ministry had accountability problems with any of the donors above, or others?

A 7: No, we are not aware of anything like that. If anyone did, they have not communicated it to us.

FAQ 8: Who are Revival Time Active donors (partners) at the moment (in year 2010)?

A 8: Year 2010 has seen activities reduced to Micro-loan, Girl-child Support outreach seminars. At the moment we have TDT-UK as the only organization supporting Revival Time Ministry. However, we individuals helping girl children and church outreach training programs.

FAQ 9: How many people are in Revival Time Ministry staff at the moment and their terms of service?

A 9: There are only five semi-volunteers in Revival Time Ministry staff at the moment. Of the five four get monthly allowances from the funded projects. The Executive Supervisor and founder is purely on a volunteer service who is supposed to raises his own support from friends.

FAQ 10: What do you consider as a critical need of Revival Time Ministry at the moment?

A 10; The crucial need is to carry the vision forward through multiple partners. We are seeking for opportunities to expose RTM Vision to organizations, churches and individuals who may have the burden for discipleship(quality church) the needy girl girl children in Northern Uganda and opportunity to reach young people in schools. Certainly we will seize any sponsored opportunity to travelany where around the Globe to raise concern about needs of ministry and the plight of vulnarable girl children here in Northern and North-Eastern Uganda.

FAQ 11: How can I help?

A 11: First and the most important to prayer with us. Secondly act as an advocate in your area and lastly, if you can, please help in more practical ways (donate financially, a skill or time).

FAQ 12: Does Revival Time Ministry accept and respect people who do not necessarily subscribe to her statement of beliefs?

A 12: Yes, but on condition that such people do not attempt to undermine and force alterations to Revival Time Ministry core values moral etiquette. We do accept partnership with any institution or individuals who respect our values and Vision.

FAQ 13: Where can I find Revival Time Ministry?

A 13: Revival Time Ministry is in Uganda - East Africa.

FAQ 14: Whom Shall I contact for more questions and participation?

A.14 Official Contact Person: Rev. Isaac Peter Oyako
Executive Supervisor/Founder
Tel. +256 (0) 772 475 720

To reach Rev. Oyako by email, please use THIS CONTACT FORM.

This is the headquarters of Revival Time Ministry
(1) Soroti Town Base:-

Physical Address:
Revival Time Ministry
800 meters off Soroti-Mbale Highway,
and 4 1/2 Km before Soroti town on the left

Jinja Office:
Physical Address:
Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church building Room 5,
Opposite Uganda Railway headquarters in Jinja
Kyabazinga Highway, Plot 14 -16 Mabira Drive
Jinja Town

Mailing Postal Address:
P.O.Box 1244
Jinja- Uganda

Tel: +256 772 475 720