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April News Update

visit of Dick Taylor from USA

April was very interesting month, with time to relax from the tension of ministry, as we showed our guest, Dick, some safari adventures. Dick was generous enough to pay for all the expenses. (And I discovered something new about my wife; She is more courageous than I am as far as wild animals are concerned).

Brother Dick, one of our greatest friends, from Ohio, Cincinnati, USA, was visiting Revival Time Ministry. It was his first visit Uganda and the African South Sahara. Brother Dick's aim was to see as much as possible about Revival Time Ministry, Uganda and Africa. We tried to meet this objective.

Christine at the Samblya River Lodge Game reserve

Therefore, while arranging the itinerary, we included visiting one of the largest natural game reserves in Uganda, the Murchison National game park in North Western Uganda. I included my wife Christine in the itinerary which covered 3,800 kilometers in less than two weeks. She loved the invitation because it gave us quality time together.

Brother Dick always sat at the co-driver's seat, which he described as the wrong side of the car because Americans, Swedish and many other countries drive on the wrong side of the car and the road. I was always in the driver's seat, while my wife sat directly behind me. There was always plenty of good food wherever we went, giving sufficient energy to me to navigate a comfortable Toyota Noah 4WD. The seven-man sitter machine was comfortable, heavy and quite fast. It was at perfect mechanical condition.

One day, in the middle of the game reserve, about four wild elephants crossed the road at quite a close range. My heart sank for fear. I stopped the car to avoid irritating elephants because they could have harmed us. My heart sank even deeper when brother Dick got out of the vehicle to take pictures of the elephants. My wife was enjoying the entire scenario while I was dying of fear inside.

Isaac and Christine Oyako some private time

The night at the game reserve was the most enjoyable to my wife, but the scariest, and a disaster for me. Immediately after checking in Nsambiya River Lodge, there was a strong, scary warning notice posted at the door. No sooner had the lights gone out than we begun hearing the roaring of wild beasts. A herd of wild buffalos decided to camp just near our cottage. I never trusted the capacity of the cottage to withstand the agitation of a bulky animal, such as an elephant for example. My wife slept soundly while I counted the hours and following the movement of the wild beasts just meters away.

Perhaps my past experience was my biggest problem. Just about three years ago I had a seminar in a village adjacent to the one in which a wild buffalo has killed seven people. Besides that, a relative of my friend, a veterinary doctor, was mutilated by a wild elephant and I witnessed the funeral 15 kms from Soroti town.

The following morning I was supposed to drive deep into the forest to track wild lions, rhinos, hippos and a host of other deadly wild life. I tactfully declined, and on the way back promised my wife another time out with her, but not among the wild beasts - somewhere else.

I will always be happy to accompany visitors to the game reserves, but after considerable time of prayer for safety.

Prayer points:

(i) Islam is gaining ground in Uganda, especially in Iganga district, we need financial support to sensitize pastors over the threat. We have a planned seminar on this.

(ii) I have invitation to visit Norway in July, I would need help from God to make a clear decision on this. I have planned to visit England in September - October this year for ministry. Pray that these journeys prove to be beneficial in terms of useful contacts and touching peoples lives in the developed world.

(iii) We also need your prayer support for school fees. Schools are opening next weekend. We have no idea as to where the fees for our own children will come from. Thank you!

Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako- Uganda

Fun in the Village

Pastor Isaac wrote this week:
I am in Soroti from Monday to Saturday this week teaching in Youth with a Mission School of Discipleship Ministry. We are many teachers, mainly from overseas and I take a week in each school.

Isaac's uncle, Pastor Valentine up on a tree, harvesting honey

After an afternoon lecture, I drove to my uncle's home (four km from Abalang) for relaxation. When it was 8:00 pm my uncle and I went to the bushes for honey harvesting. I used to do that a lot when I was young growing in that village. It was real fun!

I called my wife in Jinja to tell her the fun I was enjoying in Bushes! She just said, "Please do not be stung by bees or bitten by a snake, how you would teach tomorrow?"

(In the photo, My uncle, Pastor Valentine up on a tree harvesting honey).

Cake-Baking Back Home

Christine Oyako decorating the special order cakes

We had a busy week-end too. We got an order for cakes with specific cultural designs. The couple wanted cakes in resembling traditional African pots and pumpkin fruits. At first, we had no idea but somehow tried it. It worked out but not without a hustle. The payment was quite handsome ( profit margin was good).

We decided that we must give priority to having electricity. We have done more than half the work involved in wiring, putting in sockets and switches. If we continue getting cake orders, and I print out my books, we may have electricity soon in our house.

(In the photo, Christine Oyako is decorating the special order cakes).

Family Fund-raising

Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako and Christine Oyako are now married for 21 years. God has blessed them with one girl, Liz, and four boys; Cyrus, Gad, Caleb and Joash.

Christine is employed as a civil servant with “Hotel and Tourism School” in Jinja Town as a senior Instructor and Assistant Registrar. Christine holds a degree in Home Economics and Education while Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako is an itinerant Bible Teacher. Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako holds a degree in Biblical Studies and Currently a student of Master of Arts Bible and Ministry.

Pastor Isaac Peter and Christine Oyako founded Revival Time Ministry (RTM) in 1993 RTM is an interdenominational and non-congregational indigenous ministry.

Besides their biological children, Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako and Christine help six teenage orphaned girls attending Secondary and University Education. Whereas, Christine has a steady annual income of an equivalent of USD 2,700, it is not enough to meet both ministry and family needs. Pastor Isaac lives by faith without any regular income. The basic needs for the family and ministry are:

(i) School fees for 5 children in universities, secondary and primary schools estimated at an equivalent of USD 7,000 in a year.

(ii) Food and health estimated to an equivalent of USD 1,600

(iii) Travel and Ministry estimated at an equivalent of USD 3,700

Christine Oyako's wedding cakes
All these sum up to basic annual expenditure of about USD 12,000. At a glance, the family is headed for a deficit of more than USD 8,000 in 2012.

Our family has often tried to bridge this gap in one way or the other through baking and selling all types of cakes and baked items. A total of USD 900 was raised from this year 2011

New 2012 Projects

We have three major projects this year. We are appealing to our friends and well wishers to help raise the urgently needed funds.

Project One

The old Suzuki Escudo car

A strong Vehicle (Deficit/cost of USD 2,500): The family and ministry urgently needs a stronger vehicle to replace 19-year old Suzuki Escudo which has now become a liability. The Suzuki has literally been to most parts of Uganda in some of the worst terrain in the country. However it is time to get a stronger vehicle directly from Japan.

Better vehicles have been identified through internet “CartradeView”. The cheapest SUV is about USD 4,700 (CIF Plus Fright) . However, Clearance is about USD 1,500 and taxes in Uganda about USD 2,500.

The proposed newe vehicle from Japan

We need about USD 8,500. We have already raised USD 6,000 specifically for the vehicle. The money is in our Foreign Bank Account in Uganda. We are waiting for a pledge or Cash of USD 2,500 and I make a secure order straight away.

A strong vehicle from Japan can get to Uganda within one month. Safety can be guaranteed if care is taken. It cuts off up to USD 2,000 profits from dealers in Uganda.

Project Two

Our Bakery ( Deficit/cost USD 3,650) is our best income earner at the moment. We make ceremonial Cakes, queen Cakes etc to sell and earn money. We use the main house kitchen and locally improvised cookers curved out of old school metallic boxes. The heat and smoke from firewood and charcoal is destroying our house very fast and making us quite uncomfortable. This year, we want to have a bakery outside the main house. We also wish to use modern mixers and other modern equipments as shown below.

Item Description Total Cost
Completion of Bakery Room A room is being constructed to act as a bakery as well as a display room. It remains roofing, plastering and putting in shutters. USD 1,400
Electric Cake Mixer Small size which mixes between 30 to 50 Kgs of floor USD 540
Oven electric USD 790
Oven gas USD 850
Working Surface A large wooden table USD 150
Various Cake tins Heart, Square, Round, etc Shapes USD 400
Cake Stands Metal and glass USD 200
Sieves     USD320
Total     USD 4,650

baking kitchen needs finishing

Incomplete Bakery House in our compound adjacent to the main house. It needs roofing, shutters and plastering. It was constructed by the proceeds of cake sales!

A total of USD 1,000 has been raised towards the Bakery Project. We are appealing to friends to meet the deficit of USD 3,650.

Project Three

Printing of book, Discipleship Manual by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako ( Deficit/cost is USD 1,500).

Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako is not only a Bible teacher but a gifted author as well. A popular book used by many churches, Discipleship Teaching Manual by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako. All the copies of the previous book were all sold and the money used to construct a house in which the family is currently living.

At present there are 230 orders waiting for the Discipleship Teaching Manual. A decision to print 1000 copies immediately has been reached. A total of USD 1,500 is badly needed.

There are other books to be published by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako after the sale of 1000 copies of the Discipleship Teaching Manual.

We will greatly appreciate prayer and financial contribution into one or more of the projects above. All contributions can be made to our Revival Time Ministry Bank account. Details can be obtained by request using our contact form.

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