Sponsor a Girl's
Secondary Education

A number of times Isaac and Christine Oyako have had a young teen-age girl brought to them, or to their attention, either because she has been orphaned, or has been rejected out of her home for becoming a Christian. Each time they seek diligently for a sponsor to help that girl get an education - which is not free in Uganda - so that she will be able to be self-supporting.

Sometimes that means a secondary or high school first, and then college to get training for a career. You may see the photos of the girls that have already received sponsors in the past below.

This Sponsor-a-Girl program was inaugurated about four years ago, as an intervention to help vulnerable Christian girls acquire a formal, skill- based education. The purpose of this program is:
(i) Protect poverty-stricken Christian girls from a common and bad practice of selling themselves for sex as a means of survival, thus exposing themselves to the HIV/AIDS scourge, plus unwanted pregnancies
(ii) Rescue these girls from forced early marriages as imposed by backward cultural practices.

In the year, 2013, the first bunch of the girls we supported through linking them with friends from Netherlands and England, graduated with university degrees. All the three got employment immediately. The next year, we had 5 graduate in December.

But this has not been without challenges:
(a)We have an overwhelming numbers of genuine cases for which we cannot find sponsors
(b) The worst case scenario, is when a girl looses a sponsor due to natural causes such as the sponsor's death. or loss of employment. It puts us under tremendous pressure. This is the case with both Vicky and Jessica.

RTM successfully has four girls sitting for their Examinations this year
i.e. Jessica Ilalu, s while Betty Lorot is sitting for her senior Six Examinations, making a total of four girls. Your prayers is requested for their success.

Updates on the Girls in Sponsorship

Please click on their names to see their photos and learn more about them.

Betty Loroti
Has a sponsor, and is sitting for her Senior Six exams in October 2017
Update: July/18... Betty performed well at her S6 level to join a comprehensive nursing course at Jinja Nursing, Betty has a sponsor from Netherlands taking through her nursing training school. Praise the Lord!
Jessica Ilalu
in O'levels - Has a sponsor for O'level only
July 2018 update: Jessica performed well in her A 'level, she is at Jinja Progressive School doing Divinity, Entrepreneurship, Geography/computer (DEG/ICT) at one of the best schools.

Lucky Ayato -
sitting for O'level examinations.

Deborah Alweo -
sitting for 0`level examinations.
Update: July/18... She performed well enough to take her to a catering school; her sponsor of Netherland is still taking her throughout.

Sarah Achen - was dismissed due to pregnancy.

Stella Amiediong -
got sponsors and is now in Kyambogo University. Stella is in her first year of a 2 year course, in Accounting and Finance.

Susan Namiyonga

Vicky Abio
Has sponsor and is now in her second year (of 3 year course) in Development Studies

Click to See Those Awaiting Sponsors

Successfully Educated - Thanks to Sponsors!

Alice Namutusi - Graduated with a degree in Business Administration, now employed

Cathy Nalwanga - has paid her debt and graduated. She is now working with an NGO.

Esther Asio - has completed her studies.

Esther Babirye - Graduated with a diploma in Development Studies, now employed

Esther Chellangat - Got a sponsor (she is now in one of the Best schools, MM. College Wairaka Jinja)

Esther Laba - completed her studies.

Esther Namulondo - completed her education

Grace Asingo - completed her education without a sponsor

Harriet Nakato - finished her course and now working, owning her hair dressing salon

Jackline Ajok - Completed her studies and will graduate in January.
Update: July/18... She graduated with Vastine in January and she is currently Volunteering with Jinja Local Council with high hopes of being transferred to work in a different country

Jackline Namukoses - graduated from her O' levels Jackline Namukose - Graduated from her O'levels.

Joanitah Neksa - completed her studies and is now working

Joyce Achen - completed her studies; she is now a pastor, and also works with an NGO.

Kevin Amulen - has now paid her debt, graduated, and is now working.

Martha Ekichu - Graduated with a diploma in Business Administration, now employed

Liz Atai Oyako - Graduated with a degree in Accounting, employed in a bank

Membra Naheria Musango - completed her studies, graduated, and now working.

Rose Nakilima - Graduated with diploma in Secretarial Studies, now employed

Rose Namatende - has completed her studies and is working.

Ruth Nakya - completed her studies, but not employed yet.

Safinah Namaalywe - completed her studies and is now working with a bank.

Pastor Sadrac Lukoya - comnpleted her studies and now pastors a church.

Sarah Ataau - Completed studies and now has a part-time job.

Sofia Agiro - Graduated with a degree in Social Development, not yet employed

Shannet Kauma - completed her education

Susan Namiyonga - completed her studies

Sylvia Anyango - Graduated with a Degree in Development Studies, now employed

Taiba Nangobi - Graduated with Diploma in Business administration and has a well-paying job.

Vastine as a grad in January Vastine Arinaitwe - Completed her studies and graduated in January, 2019.
Update: July/18...Graduated and was retained by the organization (RTM) for one year's training course as well as working. She needs your prayers to work permanently with RTM, or find a job elsewhere.
Vicky Abio - got a sponsor now at Kyambogo University pursuing B. Development studies

Zowena Nakato - in Nursing - completed her studies and now works in a hospital.

Since the currency is a little different, depending on which country you are in, and sometimes fluctuates, it is best if you contact Pastor Isaac Oyako, or his assistant, Loy, about your sponsorship of any one, or any number of these special girls.

Read "Faith's Story" to get a sense of some of the drama involved in these girls' lives.

If you would like some background on education in Uganda, and the educational system, you will want to check out these pages;
Education in Uganda and Ugandan Educational System

Note: In Ugandan schools there are fees that are due at the start of each semester.

You might prefer to mail in a cheque, but that can take many weeks to arrive, so it would have to be sent in well in advance of the semester

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!