Jessica Ilalu

Jessica Ilalu, age 15, needs a sponsor

Just like Vicky Abio, Jessica Ilalu, age 15, comes from Northern Uganda and needs a sponsor.

Her father, Moses, is a very poor peasant, who has lost every to the LRA rebels and cattle rustlers. After completing her primary education at 13, she was offered for marriage. The parents hoped to gain a bride price in the form of cows, hoping to sell and use the money for basic needs, like food. That year the region had experienced crop failure, due extended drought, probably due to global climatic changes.

RTM, (Pastor Isaac and Christine), rescued Jessica, and connected her with a couple in Manchester England, who became her sponsors. Mark and his wife helped for one year, plus one term, but then they withdrew, citing a loss of a job.

Jessica was a Senior 2 student at the prestigious Wanyange Girls' School, where she still hopes to continue, and eventually continue into a career in the field of science.

Would you consider helping Jessica along towards that goal in her education? Would you respond quickly, please?

Since the currency is a little different, depending on which country you are in, and sometimes fluctuates, it is best if you contact Pastor Isaac Oyako, or his assistant, Loy, about your sponsorship of Jessica Ilalu.

July 2015 update: Jessica has a sponsor, but only for her A'level.

July 2018 update: Jessica performed well in her A 'level, she is at Jinja Progressive School doing Divinity, Entrepreneurship, Geography/computer (DEG/ICT) at one of the best schools.

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