Faith's Victorious Story

Faith's story of courage and victory

Revival Time Ministry is actively involved in discipling and evangelism in Secondary Schools in North Eastern Uganda. We have done these now for 6 years.We do this in close cooperation with Scripture Union of Uganda. We are currently working in 10 big boarding secondary schools.

In M M. College Wairaka, a Muslim girl received Jesus personally as Lord and Savior. (Her name is now Faith). Faith became so eager to learn more about Jesus that nothing could stop her.

However, when Faith's father, a staunch Muslim and prosperous tycoon heard of it, he tried to win her back through persuasion. When he could not succeed, the plan was to abandon her without without schooling. Fortunately, Christian brethren made contributions and she continued to study normally. This angered the parent and relatives the more. The decision was made to bump her off (kill her). Lethal poison was planed for her, but she survived through a tip off from one of her sisters who was sympathetic to her.

When this scheme fell-through, the next option was to physically force her to death through beatings. Faith was thoroughly beaten by her own father to a coma. I think she was left for dead, or perhaps got saved by the screaming of her siblings.

I got a phone call from Faith some days later and she was still badly bruised and weak. I took her up as one of my daughters. Since I did not have enough room in our house and also for my own precaution, I requested a female member of RTM staff to accommodate Faith as I tried to meet every need of hers.

The final examination results came and Faith had made it to any university for either medicine, nursing, teaching etc. My wife and I assisted financially for her to go through first-year of Nursing School. She was in the second year of Nursing when Faith got a government scholarship and is proceeding normally except for basic needs, in which we have continued to give her support.

Faith has continued with her zeal for the Lord, and is an usher, as well as involved in praise and worship in the church.

Faith has forgiven the members of her family and tried to establish contact with them, but they are totally hardened.

Personally, I also observe caution as far as Faith's family is concerned. I was reliably informed that a member of her family was trying to establish who I am.

Isaac Peter Oyako

Faith's Own Words

My real uncles from my mother's side are the district Muslim leaders. They have perfect hatred for my mother and I. One of the five uncles gave his life to Christ and gave a potion of his land (clan land) for the building of the church. We have the Faith Mission Church planted by Revival Time Ministry during 32 days evangelistic outreach in 1994 sitting in uncles' village.

To make things even worse, my grandmother, (85) a staunch Muslim received Jesus last three years ago under my influence. I drove to the village at midnight and shared the gospel with. She got healed after I prayed for her. She had been ill and no witchcraft had helped. She now lives with my only Christian uncle.


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