August 2011 Ministry Plans

The 4th of August I am attending the church Boarding Meeting in Soroti.

The 6th of August, I have a counseling session with a top banker. I am to counsel her and minister inner healing in my office in Jinja.

The 7th and 8th I will be speaking at the regional Youth Conference (about 500 youth will be gathered) in Tororo town. The town is in Uganda- Kenya border area, about three hours from my home.

On the 10th of August, a meeting with RTM's long-time partners from UK. TDT-UK (Teso Development Trust UK) is a big organization which has been in Partnership with RTM since 1994. They are funding Micro-Credit and functional Adult literacy for women in two sub-counties, (Wera and Abarrilela). The Board Chairman from UK, Mr. Jim and his wife will be with Isaac and Sylvia visiting the communities in Wera and Abarillala.

On the 15th August the visitors from TDT-UK will be going back but will stop over in Jinja to meet the three girls sponsored by TDT-UK. Apio Mirriam, Irene Mukimba and Esther Babirye. Jim and the company will have lunch at pastor Isaac and Christine Oyako. They will be delighted to meet Christine, especially to see her recovery after the accident.

On the 22nd to 25th Secondary School Teachers Conference in Nawanyago in Kamuli.

My studies, I am now persuing a masters Degree in Biblical studies online with Christian Leadership University New York USA. I have got sponsorship of US$ 1000 for the next three course units.

July Ministry Activities

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Ministry One: 3rd - 5th July 2011

Nawanyago Miracle Center Church

Ministry Two: 8th -10th July 2011

Bethel Pentecostal Church Mayuge District

Ministry Three: 11th -15th July 2011

The Will of God Church Mbiko-Mukono District

Ministry Four: 22nd to 24th July 2011

Rescue Family Center in Iganga

July Prayer Items

Still needed!

Prayer Request One

the 20 year old car needing repairs the car needs a lot of repair work

The 20-year old car Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako uses.

This car has been to almost all parts of Uganda, doing missions. It is now very old, and the cost of maintenance is quite high.

Short term solutions: To undergo major repairs. It needs up to US$ 995 for the Engine and other accessories including tires.

Long Term Solution: Replace it with another used one from Japan or Dubai. It costs US$ 8,600 or slightly more.

Prayer Request Two

widow, Aida needs help to raise birds -for sake of raising children

Pray for Widow Aida 65, who kept us in her house during the leaders' revival Conference in Kamuli recently. This widow actually has nothing to live on. She has constructed a facility to raise rare birds by faith. She has 8 children under her care. She is the eldest wife of her late husband who passed a way as a result of HIV/AIDS.

The other younger women fled, and probably got concubined elsewhere, leaving this elderly woman with a burden of bringing up younger children (9 to 16 years). Besides that she is an HIV/AIDS victim. In spite of this, she loves the Lord, spending her time praying and serving God.

We are praying that we/someone may help her fulfill her dream of an income generating activity. She needs about GPB 300 (or $500 US) to kick-start this project with 200 birds with the projected monthly income (profit) of GBP 75.

Prayer Request Three

Liz Oyako - close up.

Tuition for my daughter Liz. Liz is our first child and only daughter. She is entering Makerere University. Liz immediately needs basic funds for an equivalent of GBP 500 or US$ 900. She wants to take finance and business courses.

It is difficult for us to fail to support our own child while helping others. Through friends, we are helping three girls through university and three in secondary education.

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!

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