If you do not already know Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako, you may be interested in some glimpses of his life and work.

preaching in Anglican robe

Isaac Peter is the happy husband of Christine, a well-educated woman, who is a teacher by profession. She supports his ministry wholeheartedly and is an encourager and godly wife. They have one daughter and four sons, all bright and doing well in their schools.

Pastor Isaac Oyako is a good speaker, and receives many invitations to preach in other churches and places. (Here in an Anglican Church). His special passion is Christian discipleship, and has written a book on this topic – which often sells out. He likes to present the principles of discipleship to conferences of pastors so that they may go back to their local churches and share these Biblical truths with their own people.

private counselling of individuals

conducing wedding ceremonies

His preaching and personable style leads to many coming to him for private counselling about the spiritual issues in their lives. Pastor Isaac is especially popular on the university campuses, where he is known as Papa, and he finds the young people quite ready to think about and discuss spiritual matters. His counselling hours are often booked full days in advance.

Not only regular Sunday and conference speaking, but conducing wedding ceremonies is often on Pastor Isaac’s agenda. Some of this may come as a result of the individual counselling It has happened that couples with marriage problems have come to him and rocky, or broken marriages have been rebuilt on God’s Word, sometimes leading to another marriage ceremony.

in flight and witnessing to seat-mates

On several occasions, Pastor Isaac has been asked to visit another country for speaking engagements. When possible he accepts these invitations with pleasure, but the Revival Time Ministry funds are low, and so it has happened that he had to decline – for lack of travel funds. Faithful, regular sponsors of this ministry are much desired! (In this case he has a great opportunity to witness to his seat-mate).

looking over his car after an accident

Sometimes you would get a glimpse of a surprised and disappointed pastor – such as after this roll-over accident, where he escaped without a scratch, but his car was in sad shape. Driving it to his speaking engagements is a constant venture of faith.

his dream vehicle

If in fact you should like to surprise Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako with a vehicle for his ministry travels, here is a glimpse of his dream car. He would like to order it from Japan, and has a little fund started for it, but — it needs more money.

Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako, is a gifted man of God, and is being used to bless many lives as opportunities come. You are welcome to contact him if you would like to help his ministry through Revival Time Ministry.

[This profile is compiled by the International Agent and web-master, Ruth Marlene Friesen, Canada]

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