Come Visit Us in Uganda!

map of Uganda

We would like very much to entertain you as our guests in Uganda, and knit our hearts together as brothers and sisters in Christ, so that we may bless you and you may bless us with your prayers and financial support.

We might also find some projects we could work together on, side by side.

Naturally, we understand that you want to know something about Uganda before you come, so that you are well-prepared.

Visa to Uganda

To enter Uganda you need a visa, (unless you are from an African COMESA country) but this is not very difficult. You have several options;
1. Pay $50 US at any Ugandan embassy in your country, and mail in your passport
2. Just show up at the airport and pay $50 US for your visa there. (Be aware that if you want to pay in euros they will ask for 50, which means you will pay much more than if you paid in US dollars).
3. Go to COMESA website; pay up the $50 US online and your visa is ready!

Arriving in Uganda

Uganda is a land-locked coutnry, so the best way in in by air. If you fly in directly you will arrive at the Entebbe International Airport, which has as many as 16 different international airlines entering our country.

Of course, if you have notified us we will meet you at the airport and our hospitality will begin!

Overland Through Other Countries

You may be making a tour of several African countries, and it is possible to enter Uganda by vehicle through our neighbouring countries;


The Malaba border crossing is the one used most, so it is busy and one is more likely to experience hassles there.

The Busia crossing is not too far from it, and quieter.

The crossing north of Mount Elgon, on the way to Sipi Falls, is not recommended in rainy seasons, as the roads are almost impassible then.

You will not need an agent to help you get through. You buy a visa at the border.

If you are bringing a vehicle through Customs, you will need to pay 36,500 Ugandan Shillings (about $22 US) for a road tax for 14 days. Unfortunately, this can only be paid in the Ugandan Shillings, so you will have to use the moneychangers, who will charge you a bank fee of 2,000 Ugandan Shillings. (That may be an illegal scam - we are not sure).

You won't have to pay for car insusrance if you already have a Yellow Card insurance certificate. Don't try to drive into Uganda without it, or it will cost you hundreds of American dollars in fees and bribes.

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!