How to Call Uganda

We do much of our connecting with international friends by email. However, sometimes when you need an answer more quickly, you may prefer to call us by telephone. Here is how to call Uganda; it really is not that difficult.

cell phone

We trust you'll check to see what time of day it is here, and consider that we might be sound asleep when you are at mid-day. There may be as many as 7 to 10 time zones between us. So for instance, if you wish to wait until later into your evening, you are more likely to catch us early in the morning as we get ready for our day.

Dialing finger ready?

1. Press 011. (That's the North American exit code for all international calls from USA or Canada).

2. Press 256. (That's the area code for Uganda).

3. Enter the area code for the city or region in Uganda. That is a 2-3 digit area code. If you are calling Pastor Isaac Oyako, he lives in Jinja area, so the area code is 43.

4. Enter our phone number. It can have 6-7 digits. Check our Reach us page for our numbers.

Review: Dial/press 011-256-43- and-one-of-our-numbers.

There are a number of software companies now promoting special deals that allow you to use your computer or mobile phone device to make international calls for very reasonable rates, some as low as 1 cent per minute. You may want to look into those things before you call. Just in case you can save some money.

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!