a Vibrant Paper Bead Necklaces from Uganda
Assorted lengths of necklaces

Vibrant Paper Bead Necklaces from Uganda

Here's some vibrant paper bead necklaces from Uganda for you to buy now. This will help send some eager and waiting girls to school who cannot go otherwise. In fact, simply getting an education may keep them from living on the streets and wasting their lives in pain and shame.

red paper beads necklace - medium length

As you can see in the photo above, the necklaces come in a variety of lengths, but almost every one of them has an unobtrusive screw-together fastener.

We will not use a shopping cart system as the stock is not so predictable, and it would take some weeks to order a specific colour or length. Besides that the woman in Uganda who make these necklaces must work with whatever paper is found or provided to them. We have no guarantee that they can reproduce a certain necklace. Each one is a unique and original design!

dark blue paper bead necklace

Furthermore, since PayPal does not allow Ugandan residents to 'receive' funds in their country, your payment will first come into the account of Ruth Friesen, the International Agent, who will then forward it to Pastor Isaac Oyako for the girls by MoneyGram. We hope you will be understanding and trust us to be honest and fair in these dealings.

To order - simply press any PayPal button on this page, and on the next screen provide your account or credit card information, and fill in your name, address and a brief description of the type of necklace(s) you would like. If at all possible, I will try to send you what you wish. If not, I will email you to confirm that some other choice is acceptable.

The photos on this page (and others) are just to give you an idea of the variety likely. It is rather hard to show 100-200 photos. If you don't see what you would like feel free to email me first to ask (just address your form message to "Agent Ruth Friesen").

dark and ebony, small and larger paper bead necklace extra long mult-coloured paper bead necklace

Let's open another page to see more necklace photos!

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!

smaller cranberry read paper bead necklace

longer necklace of smaller, dainty and multi-coloured beads