The Biblical Guide and
Relationship Tips
for Searching Singles

Listen, you have been a searching single long enough! You have wondered if God has given any practical steps for finding a marriage partner? Right?

Yes! His answers are in the Biblical Guide that may be right close to your hands. Ah, but you don't recognize anything in the Bible as applicable to your situation? Is that true?

Here's a great tip for you then - Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako, a well-known Ugandan evangelist and counsellor of young people, with exactly your questions, has written a book that will help you find that advice in the Bible. It will help you understand it clearly, and how positively practical it is if you apply it. God does want you happily married - but on HIS terms.

The book you want and NEED is Oyako's The Biblical Guide and Relationship Tips for Searching Singles!

Why? What is in that book that is so great? Why should I buy it now?

I'm glad to tell you! You will be surprised at how frank and pointed - yet, totally in line with God's perfect will this book is!

Pastor Isaac tells stories of real young people (with changed names, of course), so you can identify with real Christian young adult singles in Uganda who were suddenly threatening suicide because a relationship went sour. He shares how he counselled them, or at least the ones appealing for help, and the changes that came to them.

girl - a searching single

Are you a Christian single girl who has been living a clean, pure life, and waiting for God to bring a good husband into your life - and by now getting frustrated because - it just isn't happening?

The author met a group of such Christian single girls and attended their Bible study on Friday nights. Fine, educated Christian career women with good jobs but no husbands on the horizon. He went away to study the Bible and pray about this, and then went back to them to explain which instruction from God they had not been following. By the end of a year or two all those girls were happily married!

Yes, that's right!

The second chapter is called, Sexual Union, When it Should Occur, and the third one is, The cost of Premarital Sexual Union. These two chapters especially apply to you if you have begun to think that it is okay to live with a sexual partner and indulge in sex without the benefit of marriage. You will be shocked to discover that you are setting yourself up for some diasters that God is going to bring into your lives. If you really want a happy Christian life, full of blessings and joy, and peace with God, you will really WANT to know what God has to say about this topic. You will also be greatly relieved when you make the right changes, and get things in the right order.

You really will be doing yourself a favour if you read this book. It has powerful advice about your relationships. The sooner you read it the sooner you can take steps to undo some wrongs and go the right way.

Perhaps you have just been waiting - and waiting - and waiting - for a good marriage to suddenly happen to you, so you can live happily ever after. That indicates that no one has told you that the Bible explains how to prepare yourself for marriage. If a girl prepares herself spiritually for a husband, and prays a-right for a good and godly one, God will bring you together!

man waiting for a wife

Young man, this applies to you too!

       (Well, unless He has called you to celebacy, but you need to discover how to determine that).

Pastor Isaac tells you in chapter five of the basic needs of a man and of a woman in marriage. . . . .

Don't you wish to know what your true needs are, and what kind of spouse will meet those needs? (Buy this book NOW, and find out!)

But he doesn't stop there. Pastor Isaac explains what steps to take, from both the woman's and the man's side, towards a a good, physically and spiritally healthy marital relationship. You will learn things thta your parents did not tell you . . . . and your own pastor is proably too shy to talk about these things.

So you've been left in the dark! You want to come out into the light - the light of understanding exactly what to do, don't you?

Did you know that the Bible does not talk about 'dating' at all? That is a totally Western idea - and it comes with a truckload of dangers!

On the other hand, this book, The Biblical Guide and Relationship Tips for Searching Singles will guide you through the fragile stages of courtship and engagement.

It will also explain the stages and differences between a Traditional Ugandan wedding/marriage, and a Church wedding/marriage. You will find some surprises there too! Your eyes will be opened, and you may find that you are soon thinking about different possiblities!

Now a book like this, you may be thinking, might just counsel and advise me up until I have reached the altar of my wedding, and then leave me there. After that I'm on my own.

No, no. Pastor Isaac does not do that to you! He explains to you what to do about the honeymoon. What it is for, and how to cope with some physical details that no one may have told you about at all.

Oh, I tell you, dear friend! You want this book. You NEED this book! Pastor Isaac has done most of his counselling in Uganda and some of the surrounding African countries, and whenever he has spoken for a few days on a college campus the young people have flocked to hear him, and then begged private counselling time with him. Becauses he could hardly keep up with the demand - the hunger of young people to learn these great Biblical principles, he has felt led of God to write this book. But because these are Biblical principles that he teaches they can apply to searching singles from any country.

You can order the paperback edition and wait until it comes to you in the mail . . . .

But why not BUY the e-book edition right now, and download it to your computer or device, and read it in a matter of minutes. In the hour or two it takes to read it, you will have a whole new perspective on the healthy Christian marriage God has in mind for you, and what practical steps you can take to get on the way to that wonderful union!

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