Floods in North Eastern Uganda - Amuria

(with Extracts from ETOP Newspaper of May 11, 2012 (Ateso News Paper)

collapsed huts, submerged fields and military vehicle stuck
Collapsed huts, submerged fields and military vehicle stuck

The rains have returned, but with devastating effect. The rains had been expected since February, but showed up in late March. People swung into peasant agriculture, the backbone of economy of most villages in Uganda. The crops sprouted giving hope to the farmers for a bumper harvest in June or July. However this hope was short lived.

For some areas in Amuria District, the blessing of rain turned out to be a curse instead. Heavy, persistent and torrential down pour caused substantial flooding which submerging the cultivated fields destroying the potential harvest. Homes were equally not spared displacing families to higher altitudes.

This has obviously posed a critical health hazard to the population of three sub-counties roughly estimated at 67,000 people. Faith Mission of Uganda has many churches and Christians affected in this region.

The sanitary facilities, i.e pit latrines and grass fenced urinals and bathrooms, are submerged and human excreta have mingled up with water wells completely contaminating it beyond safety for human consumption. Health workers have strongly recommended the use of water purifiers before consumption of any water. Mosquitoes are having a heyday because conducive breeding environments.

Blankets, camping tents and food are the basic requirements, besides mosquito bed nets, and water purifiers.

Community leaders appealing for humanitarian assistance

Revival Time Ministry and Faith Mission of Uganda are poised to intervene, as soon as resources can be secured. We have often been conduits channeling emergency humanitarian assistance to the affected people.

We therefore solicit urgent prayer support and material support to the affected people especially children, the elderly and pregnant women.

We may not meet the full needs, but could quickly supply mosquito nets, water purifiers and some food (ground maize flour, and dry beans). Any donations will be channeled directly to the needy.

Thank you

Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako and Sylvia Anyango
For Revival Time Ministry Uganda
Rev. Silas Ogwadulai
For Faith Mission Of Uganda.

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