RTM Short Courses for 2018

Revival Time Ministry is specially called to 'Make Disciples of Jesus Christ' and equip the saints in preparation to meet the Lord Jesus Christ when He comes for His Church. We are doing this through equipping Church leaders through Teaching, Training and Counselling. We hold women and youth Seminars as well as counselling sessions.

From March 1993 to December 2005, Revival Time Ministry ran 180 week residential Schools of Discipleship Ministry (SDM) twice a year (February-June and August-December). SDM offered four core programs: Discipleship, Theology, Church Administration and Missions.


From 2006 and 2017, Revival Time Ministry has been doing outreach discipleship and Teaching programs in Uganda and the all Great lakes countries except South Sudan.

We conducted Capacity building and training for pastors and other church leaders, spoke to students in universities and tertiary institutions, spoke in women and youth conferences, and offered professional counselling service to families and upcoming families, etc.

However, from 2018 Revival Time Ministry will again be inviting participants for two- week specialized training for various groups in our Base in Soroti.


Our facility is limited to a maximum of our 40 participants. Those who are eligible and are interested have to complete the form, either downloaded from our website, or obtained from our offices in Jinja and Soroti, or through our agents in all towns in Uganda.

Filing the form does not guarantee participation. Those selected will be notified. You may download the General Information document, the Application form and brochure that you may print out for your own record, or pass on to a friend so they may learn about this opportunity also:




RTM-Short-Courses-Brochure-2018 (remade)

Application forms may be picked up from our office or from our Headquarters in Jinja: Plot 25, Mugote Road, Katende West Bugembe, Jinja. You can also download the Application form, print it, fill it out and mail it to us.

Another option or two;
a) After you have printed out the Application form and filled it out, scan it to turn it into a graphic image, and email it to us. You may use the contact form for this site.

b) If you don't have a scanner, etc., you could use the contact form, and type in the text of the Application form with your answers. Or at least, the headings and your answers. This can help us to communicate with you, and consider it your Application.


There is a cost to host you for two weeks in Soroti while taking the course. Apart from transportation to come and go, there is the cost of food, utilities, training materials, facilitators, support staff costs handouts, etc. We estimate a total cost of UGX 140,000 (USD $40), or GBP 33) for each student Some may not be able raise this amount. The Application form asks your financial status so we can pray for you, and see how God may provide.

Books for You

Rev. Isaac Peter Okayo has written two books that can be of great help to you!

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